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Welcome to your path to light,
the golden way of the heart.

This book presents a modern worldview.

The passages invite you to become immersed in your own spiritual world, where you experience yourself as a being of light and realize your own divinity. When you accept this with your heart, you will experience your own capacity for Love, Love's truth, and its power to heal.

The book's message is a joyous one: the era of joyousness and salvation is now.

Steed Dölger

In his tradition individuals are guided along their path to light, the golden way of the heart.

Through his light and through his Love, individuals remember their own divine origins. With "Know Thyself" as their guide, they learn that Love is their true nature.


Steed Dölger's book on Love is available in the languages shown above as an e-Book and as a free download. The book is currently being translated in the following languages: French, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Croatian.